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Traumatic Brain Injury

Personal Accounts of Recovery

Learn more by listening to the experiences of other survivors and families.

Each story of recovery begins with a brief Introduction (about 20 seconds in length). In other videos (2-4 min. each), you learn more about the personal aspects of traumatic brain injury. Each survivor shares information that encompasses: 

  • My Story - the circumstances surrounding the injury; 
  • Impact - resulting changes from TBI such as differences in thinking (cognitive status), physical and emotional well-being, and/or behavior; 
  • Consequences - adjustments that may have resulted for relationships, activities of daily living and/or work; 
  • Community - the importance of individual/community support (for both the survivor and family) and hope for continuing recovery.

To view video accounts of recovery, click on each person's photo located on the right-hand side of this page.

Learn from Survivors! 
Click on a photo to view video accounts of recovery.